A Nordplus junior mobility project Tracking the Past through Families and Culture in Denmark and Lithuania

Short description:

The main focus of the project is tracking the past through families and culture in Denmark and Lithuania. The historical perspective is the Second World War and family stories during the German occupation of Denmark and Lithuania as well as Lithuanian stories of Siberia. This also includes family stories that link the two countries, such as for instance the Rachlin family and the Pomeranz sisters The students will learn about the German occupation of the two countries and the exile of Lithuanians to Siberia by interviewing relatives and community members with memories of the Second World War, by reading, studying and presenting war biographies, visiting war museums and relevant memorials, watching Danish/Lithuanian films and producing an e-book on the Second World War family stories and project activities.

The project will include two visits, a visit to Denmark in September and a return visit to Lithuania in January. The students will prepare for the visits by making interviews and by studying stories of the Second World War and preparing presentations for their Danish or Lithuanian partners. When they meet, they will present their material and start collaborating on an exhibition, which will be ready by the end of the week.

There will be two exhibitions, one in Denmark and one in Lithuania. The exhibitions will be shown to other students and teachers at their own school, to the host families, community members and official representatives in the two towns.