Elektrenai Versmes gymnasium as an active participant in numerous international educational projects and a member of IEARN, was selected for Horizons 2020 project “Dialogue and Argumentation for Cultural Literacy Learning in Schools” (DIALLS) funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

DIALLS is a three-year project working with schools to understand and develop how children and young people make sense of Europe and its differing cultures. In this project, schools in seven countries work with researchers and teacher educators to develop a Cultural Literacy Learning Programme (CLLP), where young people of all ages learn the skills of ‘dialogue and argumentation‘  to be better able to communicate with each other, understanding each other’s perspectives and exploring the different cultural heritages and values of people who live in Europe.

Led by the University of Cambridge, the project includes researchers and teachers from nine countries (Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, France, the UK, Lithuania, Cyprus and Israel) who each bring their own specialism to work together on DIALLS.

During the project development phase (2018 November-2019 June) IEARN members from Elektrenai Versmes gymnasium teachers experts Daina Valanciene and Augute Liutkeviciene worked with researchers at the University of Vilnius to develop the Cultural Literacy Learning Programme. This involved creating and piloting lessons as well as evaluating activities based on pre-selected wordless picture books and films.

More about the project at https://dialls2020.eu/